Trompete & Orgel


Freddy Staudigl


Concerts in the Maltese Church

Kärntnerstraße 37, 1010 Wien

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call us:   +43  0664 890 4545

Trumpet: Freddy Staudigl

Organ: Robert Koizar, Ernst Wally,  

Stefan Donner  

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call us:   +43  0664 890 4545

Trumpet and Baroque Organ

      We play for you a selection of well known masterpieces of

Georg Friedrich Händel,

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

Johann Sebastian Bach,

Franz  Schubert,

Josef Haydn,

Giuseppe Torelli,

Dietrich Buxtehude,

Jeremiah Clark,

Giovanni Viviani,



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Trumpet & Baroque Organ

   Concerts in the Maltese Church

Kärntnerstraße 37, 1010 Wien

at 8 p.m. ( Duration: 1h )

The one hour concert in the Maltese Church is played on the new restorated baroque organ.

An unique instrument.

We are playing well known masterpieces from

Bach, Händel, Mozart, Telemann, Viviani, Schubert, Haydn, a.o.

The historic organ from 1767 built by  

Gottfied Sonnholz ( 1695-1781 ) has 339 pipes. Over 300 of them are original.

The Sonnholz organ has a great variety of sounds compared to the smal registration.

The church of St. Johns the Babtist is one of the most important historic places in Vienna

Trumpet & Organ


Pfingstkonzerte 27.5., 28.5.,

Sommerkonzerte 8.7., 15.7., 29.7.,

5.8., 12.8., 19.8.,

Herbstkonzerte 14.10., 21.10.,

Christmas Trumpet 24.12.,

26.12., 27.12.,

28.12., 29.12.

20 Uhr