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Freddy Staudigl. studied trumpet at the Conservatory of  Music in Vienna, and at the Tanglewood Institute of Music in Bston.

He foundet the Brassquintet "Brassissimo Vienna" ( ) and toured many times through the United States, Japan, Germany, a.o.

Since 2001 he is playing about 40 concerts a year at the Maltese Church in Vienna.

Freddy has recordet 3 Solo CDs.

" Trumpet Prelude " Trumpet and Organ, recorded in the Dome of Lübeck ( Germany )

"Lyrical Trumpet" Trumpet, Piano and Harph, recorded in Vienna ( Dorotheer church )

"Trumpet Suite" Trumpet and Organ, recorded as SACD in Ammersfoord ( Nederlands )

the recordings are availiable at the concerts.

Also 7 CDs with Brassissimo Vienna, and more with various orchestras.

He works a a freelance trumper and plays on many events, such as the Pope visitation, as Solo trumpeter at the St. Stephans Church, at the Opera Ball, The Life Ball, the inauguration of the Prestident, and also at the Requiem for Niki Lauda.

As a special, Freddy is recording samples for the "Vienna Symphonic Library", which are used for movie music.

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Mag. Thomas Dolezal

studied Church music at the University of Vienna.

He is organplayer an an conductor at the Dome of St.Stephans, Vienna.

He also works as puplisher, arranger and is a specialist in music and church history.

Thomas is also Diözesandirektorand Domkapellmeister of Eisenstadt.

Stefan Donner 

studied at the University of Vienna Organ and Science of Music and exam with honor.

He also stuidied Instrumentalpädagogik at Antoiinette van Zabner.

He won several avards:

Organ competition: Daniel Herz ( Btixen )

Organ competition: Franz Schmidt ( Kitzbühl )

Organ competition: August Humer ( Austria )

Stefan plays concerts all over Europe.

Robert Koizar

studied at the Vienna Conservatory, andexamwith honor.

He attended several Master courses in Netherlands and England.

Robert plays as Solist and as well known correpetitor for solosist as: Joe Hofbauer, Wolfgang Bankl, Daniela Fally, Elisabeth Sykora and Freddy Staudigl.

He works with conteporal composers as: Karl Haidmayer, Guido Mancusi, Wernder Pelinka, a.o. and also with Ensembles as "Brassissimo Vienna Organ and Brass"

Hes last CD named "Klangwelten" contains music for Trumpet, Organs and Flute.

Domorganist: Ernst Wally

studied at the University of Vienna: Church music, Organ and composition.

He is the Domorganist of St.Stephens Vienna. Ernst Wally plays concerts all over Europe and works also with orchestas like the " Vienna Symphonic" and " Tonkünstler Vienna", and worked for the "Musikfreunde Wien".

Ernst is a composer, who wrote works for counties in europe and chile, and also for the famous Festival "Carintiian Summer".

Peter Tiefengraber

Studied at the University of Graz and Vienna. He works as Organ player and  as a writer for Music Therory and as Conductor.

He played Concert all over Europe. Also with Orchestras such as the "Tonkünstler Vienna". You can hear Peter  in the  Augustiner Church Vienna and at the Dom at Eisenstadt.